Best Angular 17+ Training Institute in Bangalore

The Most Comprehensive Angular 17+ Training Program with Real-time Project Now also with Real time concepts Node JS, RxJS, APIs, Authentications, JWTs, Mongo DB etc.,

Announcing Advanced Angular 17+ Training Program for Experienced Angular Developers

  • Reactive Programming
  • RxJS
  • State Management
  • NgRx
  • Server Side Rendering(SSR)
  • Angular Universal
  • Best Patterns…

How we provide training ?


Instead of providing training directly on TypeScript & Angular, we let our students understand the current Web Development scenario and how it is different from the past.

  • A Brief History on JavaScript
  • How JavaScript became the Most popular in the World
  • A brief look into Node JS
  • What are the issues with old (ES5) JavaScript
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • ES5 vs ES6 JavaScript
  • Introduction and training on essential TypeScript
  • Angular JS vs Angular 2…15,16
  • Complete Training on Angular 2+,..15+


Optional Modules:
Our students often come with different types of requirements. Some students want to learn only Angular, some with Real time Project and some wants to have some basic training on MEAN Stack and some wants Project Support.

To make our training program suitable to everyone, we made the following modules optional, and our students can choose any one or two or all or none of them.

  • Real Time Project
  • Working with MEAN Stack, Ionic and Google’s Firestore
  • Project Support

Overview of the Included Angular 15+ Training Modules


Introduction to Angular 2/4/5/6/7/8. AngularJS vs Latest Angular. Modern Web development, Old JavaScript vs Modern JavaScript, Web Components etc.,


TypeScript vs JavaScript, What are the advantages of using TypeScript. TypeScript typings, functions, interfaces, classes, generics, decorators etc.,

Getting Started with Angular

Up and Running with Angular. Angular application structure, Introduction to Angular components and modules.


What are Angular components, parent and child components. Component selectors, styles, encapsulation, life cycle hooks etc.,


What are bindings inside angular and how to use it. Property bindings, event bindings, template variables, two way bindings etc.,


What are directives inside Angular. Built in directives, attribute directives, structural directives and how to create custom directives.


What are pipes in an Angular application. Built in pipes. How to create custom pipes. Pure and Impure pipes.

Component Communication

How to communicate between components, Parent to child communication, events and event emitters, content projection etc.,


What are services in Angular, importance of services, how to create and use an angular service, singletons etc.,

Template Driven Forms

What are template driven forms in Angular. How to create template driven forms, access and validate the form data.

Reactive Forms

What are the advantages of using Reactive Forms, how to create, use reactive forms. Form Groups, Form Builders, Validators etc.,


What are routes in an Angular application. Importance of routes, Routes for root and routes for child. Dynamic routing, Routing Guards, Route Params etc.,


What is HTTP module in an Angular application and how to use it. How to send requests to get information and process the received data etc.,

Reactive Programming

What is reactive programming and why it is used in modern applications. What are observables, subjects and operators in reactive programming.

Optional - Project

A Real time project on Angular using several real time technologies and applying different elements of Angular in the application.

Optional - Node JS

What is Node JS and why it is so popular. What are the advantages of Node JS. How to create a basic server and handling server requests from Node JS.

Optional - Express JS

Up & Running with Express JS, handling various HTTP requests using Express JS, Creating RESTful api’s using Express JS.

Optional - MongoDB

How to access MongoDB using Mongoose. How to do CRUD operations on MongoDB using Mongoose. Performing CRUD operations on MongoDB from an Angular 2/4/5 application.

Up to Date Syllabus

The current Web and Mobile application technologies are changing much faster than anytime before.

We regularly monitor Angular for new versions, and quickly update our course content based on the latest modifications


There are several Real Time Applications such as Ionic for building mobile apps depend completely on Angular, and Firebase, a cloud based real time database which is preferred by many Angular developers.

We introduce such technologies as a part of our training program, to make our students get exposed to Real World applications.

Suitable to Everyone

In order to make our training suitable for students as well as working professionals, we provide training on Angular in two different ways.

Complete Angular Training and Fast Track Angular Training.


On which Angular version do you provide training ?

We provide training on the latest version of Angular, which is 8/9 currently.

Which version of angular should i learn ? Angular 2 or 8 or 9 or AngularJS

As Google completely rewritten AngularJS and released Angular 2 which is entirely different from AngularJS, many aspiring Angular learners still doubting that Angular 8/9 may be entirely different from Angular 2, which is completely wrong.

Google periodically updates Angular and releases its latest versions with a backward compatibility till Angular 2. So, whenever there is a newer version of Angular, that will be an enhancement of its previous version and not entirely different.

What training do you provide on MEAN Stack

MEAN stack training is optional to our students. To the required students, we provide training on

  • Why Node JS is so popular
  • How to Use Node JS
  • How to Create a basic server with Node JS
  • Handling requests from Node JS
  • Installing and working with Express JS
  • Handling HTTP requests using Express JS
  • How to create RESTful api’s using Express JS
  • Connecting to MongoDB using Mongoose
  • Performing CRUD operations on MongoDB using Mongoose
  • Accessing MongoDB and performing CRUD operation from an Angular 2/4/5 applications.
Do you provide Customized Angular training

Yes, we provide customized training on Angular based on our student’s exact requirements.

Do you provide Project Assistance ?

Yes, we provided project assistance to several companies and their employees. As long as the project is Angular based, we provide assistance on their projects.

Can we build customized project during the training ?

Yes, as long as the project is Angular based, you can build any customized project during the training program.

Are there any prerequisites to learn Angular ?

Yes, basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript knowledge is required. Then we will provide training first on Microsoft’s TypeScript based on which Angular is written and then provide training on Angular.

Do you provide Fast Track training on Angular ?

Yes, we provide Angular fast track training in Bangalore for the students who do not have time to take complete training.

Is weekend training is available ?

Yes, we provide training on weekends also.